Become an Affiliate Member!

Are you a researcher, consultant, or student in wildland fire or wildfire-related topics? An Affiliate Member can be any suitable student, professional, or company with an active interest in wildland fire and who supports the mission of the partnership.


- Increased access to courses, events, workshops, field tours, etc. 

- Option to join future task teams, special topic research groups, etc.

- Affiliates will receive an open call to contribute content to the Canadian Wildland Fire and Smoke newsletter.

- Option to present webinars to the larger Canada Wildfire group.  

- Access to logo to apply to presentations (pending presentation approval)

- Option to be listed on the website

- Applicant will recieve Canada Wildfire promotional items

Affiliate Membership Application

**Applications are reviewed to ensure information is accurate and treated as confidential. Membership is subject to management review and will not be disclosed to any person who is not a part of the review process.
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