Brett Moore, MSc

Area of Interest: Wildfire modeling 

Former Advisor:  Dr. Mike Flannigan


Academic Degree(s): Master of Science, Forest Biology and Management, 2015, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada; 

Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences, 2011, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada




Brett Moore’s interest in fire ecology began in 2006. Working as a wildland firefighter, Brett learned how to suppress fires. The more he learned, the more desire he had to understand how forests react to fires. This prompted him to ask questions about how and when we may be able to use fire as a tool rather than focusing on suppression. Brett’s background in biology and ecology, coupled with his time as a fire fighter, make fire disturbance systems and the incredibly complex nature of fire very interesting to him.


Brett completed his Masters of Forest Biology and Management with a focus in Wildfire Modelling in 2015. His thesis is titled: Increasing wildfire growth modelling decision support using ensemble weather forecasts over the province of Alberta, Canada, available here. The aim of his graduate research was to provide fire management staff with probabilistic fire perimeters to support the decision making process. Wildfire growth modelling was performed within the Prometheus Wildfire Growth Simulation model using weather from the Canadian Meteorological Centre’s Global Environmental Multiscale model. Brett hopes this research will allow for better resource allocation and prioritization.


Brett is now working for the Government of Alberta (GoA) as a Wildfire Landscapes Specialist. Through this role, he has the rare opportunity to put his research to the test through operational use. Brett hopes to continue collaborating with staff and students at the Canadian Partnership for Wildland Fire Science from his position within the GoA.

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