Carolyn Gibson, MSc 

Area of Interest: Fire and forest management

Former Advisor(s): Dr. Mike Flannigan and Dr. David Olefeldt

Academic Degree(s): Master of Science, Forest Biology and Management, 2017;

Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences, 2015, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada


Contact Information:

Carolyn received her BSc. from the University of Guelph where her research focused on changes in plant community composition and carbon pools follow a severe fire season. This research, is addition to her previous experience working in boreal peatlands, led her to be interested in the role of changing fire dynamics in permafrost landscapes. Carolyn is currently working towards her Masters of Science in the Department of Renewable Resources at the University of Alberta where she is co-supervised by Dr. David Olefeldt and Dr. Mike Flannigan. Carolyn’s research aims at understanding the role of fire in accelerating permafrost thaw and subsequent changes to soil carbon stocks.


Carolyn was extensively involved in both the university and local community while at the University of Guelph. She served as a student senator on the University Senate, held student representative positions on multiple committees and engaged with clubs all across campus. Outside of the university she worked on many projects including being a member of the fundraising and program committee for the Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies Conference planning committee, developing a sustainability assessment framework for the Council of the Haida Nation and being a youth delegate at the UN Conference for Sustainable Development. Now at the University of Alberta she has already begun engaging with multiple students groups

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