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Fuels Friday – A Canadian Wildfire Management and Science Workshop

Registration is open for our Fuels Friday Workshop. Our virtual four-week series focuses on fuel structure and measurement with discussions of the advantages and challenges of emerging technologies leading to decision making.

Cost:  $25 + GST for each week’s session

Dates:  Fridays in February, 2021 - Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26
Times: 9 am - 11 am MST
Platform: Zoom


Session 1 (Feb 5):   Fuel structure: What it is and why we measure it

Session 2 (Feb 12): Fuel measurement: Where it started and where it’s going

Session 3 (Feb 19): Advantages and Challenges

Session 4 (Feb 26): Fuel measurement: Working towards a fuel measurement decision guide

Registration closes Jan 29, 2021

Call for submissions: Fuel measurement and mapping – new technologies, methods and innovations


Are you developing innovative solutions for fuels measurement and mapping? Tell us about it in a short, pre-recorded presentation video. Top submissions will be screened live during week two, while others will be selected as part of an online presentation library available to workshop participants.


Not sure how to make a video presentation? All you need is a regular slide presentation and a mic to record your voiceover presentation. This can be done in Zoom by starting a meeting with yourself, sharing your screen and pressing record. When you end the meeting, Zoom will save your video presentation as an MP4. You can also record a voice-over PPT presentation using free tools like Screencast-O-Matic.

When submitting, remember to always save your video presentation file in an MP4 format and limit the file to an 8 min maximum length and 400 MB file size. Also, include your presentation slides in pdf form.

Upload your video and presentation slides to our Google Form. The deadline to upload is February 5, 2021.

Video Submission Specifications:

  • Maximum 8 minutes

  • MP4 format

  • File size limit 400 MB

  • Filename: firstname-lastname.mp4

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