Denyse Dawe, MSc Candidate

Area of Interest: Conservation, forest and fire ecology

Advisor: Dr. Mike Flannigan and Dr. Vern Peters

Academic Degree(s): Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science in Biology with Honours, King's University, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Contact Information:

Denyse first fell in love with five-needle pines while completing her degree in Environmental Science from the King’s University in Edmonton. She completed her undergraduate thesis on limber pine with now graduate co-advisor Dr. Vern Peters and spent her first field season as a graduate assistant in Jasper and Willmore searching for whitebark pine regeneration. Since then, she has worked on a variety of projects in forestry and fisheries, as well as working for the summer land program with Alberta Conservation Association and with the recreational licensing department of Alberta Fish and Wildlife. It was love for five needle pines, however, that brought her back to conduct graduate research under the supervision of Dr. Mike Flannigan and Dr. Vern Peters.


Denyse is investigating the influence of fire on limber pine regeneration and distribution in the northern extent of its range. Her research will inform management decisions regarding fire to help achieve limber pine recovery goals.


Denyse enjoys anything active, especially if it can be done outdoors. If she’s not hiking, running, cycling, or doing yoga, you’ll likely find her nestled with a cup of coffee and a good book.

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