François Robinne, PhD

Area of Interest: Spatial Analysis, Wildfire Modeling, Water Security, Socio-ecological Systems, Ecosystem Services


Former Advisor(s): Dr. Mike  Flannigan and Dr. Marc-André Parisien


Academic Degree(s): Doctor of Philosophy, Forest Biology and Management, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, 2017;

Master of Science, Geography (Specialization in Natural Hazards and Risks Management), 2007, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier, France; 

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Geography, 2005, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier, France




François-Nicolas has recently adopted Open-Science practices. His ongoing and future work, including data and publications, will be accessible to everyone, unless confidentiality rules apply. His past work, reviews, and current projects can be accessed at the following links:
ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID):
OSF (Open Science Framework):


François-Nicolas got his BSc of Environmental Geography in Southern France, in the Mediterranean basin. Wildfire issues are particularly acute in this region due to a long history of landscape changes related to human population dynamics and the pervasive use of fire as a land management tool. Currently, sprawling urbanization, heavy tourism, and continuous fire-prone vegetation intermix; causing densification of wildland-society interfaces consequently leading to an increase in the fire danger. It is this intersection of natural and social aspects of wildfire science that led him to achieve a MSc with a focus on wildfire risk assessment.


After several years as a remote-sensing and GIS analyst for forest resource management in the private sector, he started a PhD in 2013. His research focused on the spatial assessment of wildfire risks to water security.


He is now a postdoctoral fellow at the Canadian Partnership for Wildland Fire Science, under the Global Water Futures research initiative led by the Global Institute for Water Security at the University of Saskatchewan. He is specifically involved in the Boreal Water Futures project, with a focus on the impacts -positive and negative- of wildfire activity on the provision of hydrological ecosystem services to socio-systems in Canada.

Global Water Futures:
Boreal Water Futures:


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