Marie-Pierre Rogeau, PhD

Area of Interest: Landscape fire regime analysis, fire history studies, effect of topography on fire occurrence, fire refugia, fire severity effects, ecosystem-based fire management, forestry practices that emulate natural disturbances


Former Advisor: Dr. Mike  Flannigan


Academic Degree(s): Doctor of Philosophy, Forest Biology and Management, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, 2016;

Master of Science, Forest Science (fire history), University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; 

Bachelor of Science, Physical Geography, Université de Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada



In 1991 Marie-Pierre (M-P) moved to Alberta to work on the fire history of Banff National Park and made it her Master Degree project under the supervision of Dr. Paul Woodard, here at the Dept. of Renewable Resources. Little did she know then that this would become her professional career. Since obtaining her MSc, M-P criss-crossed southern Alberta, northern BC and Saskatchewan, with a few hip-hops across the country to some of our great national parks to conduct fire regime and fire history studies. Since 1996, M-P has been a consultant for Parks Canada, provincial governments, the Forest Research Institute (formerly the Foothills Model Forest), municipalities and, the forest industry. Her work has been to provide fire regime data to assist with the planning of prescribed burns and harvest blocks, FireSmarting landscapes, forest management certification and, quantifying fire regime departure from historical conditions. For Parks Canada, she developed the Burn Deficit Calculation table that tracks fire deficits and fire cycle departure spatially on the landscape.


After 14 years away from university life, in September of 2012, M-P returned to UofA to obtain her PhD under Dr. Mike Flannigan and to be part of the Western Partnership for Wildland Fire Science. Her thesis focused on the fire regimes and fire survival analysis of forests intersecting three natural subregions (Subalpine, Montane and Upper Foothills) in the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies in southern Alberta. A portion of her study was also to quantify the effect of topography on fire return intervals.


M-P has been running her fire research consulting business since 1996. You won’t find her on campus too often as M-P lives in Banff. She loves hiking and skiing in the mountains. Her most expensive hobby: globe trotter.

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