Rodrigo Campos, PhD Candidate

Areas of Interest: Fire related traits of plants, bottom-up controls of forest flammability


Advisor(s): Dr. Mike Flannigan and Dr. Marc-André Parisien


Academic Degree(s)
Master of Science, Environmental Sciences, 2007, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México
Bachelor of Science, Biology, 2003, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México




Rodrigo became interested in fire ecology when half of his experimental plots were lost to a fire while performing research for his bachelor degree. After this, he became passionate about the ecophysiological responses of pine seeds to fire. His Master’s research was focused on Mexican pine strategies of regeneration in post-fire environments, with a focus on cone serotiny. Rodrigo also worked for the Botanic Garden at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. While at the gardens, he worked in the education and communication area, producing educative and recreational programs and materials aiming to improve public awareness about traditional plant uses and conservation. He then spent a few years working for Mexico City’s government in environmental law enforcement before starting his PhD at the University of Alberta. His PhD research deals with the relative role of vegetation characteristics and human impact on forest flammability at multiple scales. He is very interested in the mechanistic basis of forest fires while also considering larger scale processes. Rodrigo considers himself a traveler who loves to explore nature and learn from different cultures around the world. His spare time, if any, is dedicated to practice Wushu, nature photography, cooking exotic food and reading Latin-American magical realism books.

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