Tom Fleming, MSc 

Area of Interest: Hydrology, drought monitoring and mapping, geographic Information systems, fire ecology, historical annual area burned

Former Advisor: Dr. Mike  Flannigan

Academic Degree(s): Master of Science, Forest Biology and Management, 2016; B.Sc. in Geography, 2010, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Contact Information:


Tom Fleming’s research interests include drought monitoring, historical lake level and groundwater analysis and the effects of multi-year drought on fire risk and severity within the prairie regions of Canada. Tom became interested in these areas of study after working for a year with an environmental consulting company based out of Edmonton. The company specialized in wetland conservation and rare species identification and introduced me to the complexity and importance of watersheds in maintaining healthy and properly functioning ecosystems. Pairing this with a keen interest in environmental factors affecting, Tom developed a thesis project examining the influence of the fluctuation of lake levels of naturally regulated lakes in relation to annual area burned. His research goal is to develop supplementary indexes to better quantify and predict drought and years of increased annual area burned on prairie landscapes. Tom received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria in Geography with a specialization in geographic information systems. In Victoria, he was actively involved with the Geography society and worked as a residence advisor on Campus.


In his spare time, Tom train’s as a member of the University of Alberta Cross Country and Track and Field team, as well as enjoys snowboarding and hiking in the Rockies and playing soccer.

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