Yingxiu Chen, MSc 

Area of Interest: Remote sensing (radar in particular), surface peat moisture, soil science, plant nutrition, fire ecology, environment site assessment

Former Advisor(s): Dr. Mike Flannigan and Dr. David Olefeldt

Academic Degree(s): Master of Science, Forest Biology and Management, 2013, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; 

Bachelor of Science, Resources and Environmental Science, 2010, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China


Contact Information:  yingxiu@ualberta.ca


While working on her Master degree at the University of Alberta, Yingxiu was a member of the Western Partnership for Wildland Fire Science. Her MSc research aimed to retrieve surface peat moisture with Radarsat-2 in an Albertan ombrotrophic bog. In order to do this she collected and oven-dried peat cores and used FDR (Theta probe) and TDR probes (CS616) for field sampling of Volumetric Moisture Content (VMC) of surface peat. Combined with non-polarimetric analysis with Radarsat-2 images, she built a Multiple Linear Regression model in SAS software. This research showed promise for retrieving surface peat moisture for the burned plots.


Yingxiu is currently a Research Data Technical Assistant at Feedlot Health Management Services. She is also a certified EPt with ECO Canada.

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