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Canada Wildfire transforms vegetation fire management through partnerships between knowledge holders, practitioners, and policy-makers.

The Canada Wildfire Strategic Plan 2022-2027 defines our mission: The Partnership drives innovation in vegetation fire management, policy, and practices through strategic investments in research and knowledge exchange while educating and mentoring generations of scientists and practitioners.

The plan describes seven principles that will enhance our research impact and organizational excellence:



Strategic Alignment

Scienticific Rigour

Shared Knowledge




In June 2009, three founding partners established the Canadian Partnership for Wildland Fire Science (Canada Wildfire): Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AAF), the University of Alberta School of Forest Science and Management (UofA), and the Canadian Forest Service (CFS) Northern Forestry Centre (NoFC). It was founded as the Western Partnership for Wildland Fire Science to meet priority research requirements by establishing a fire science hub that connected AAF and NoFC researchers with researchers at the University of Alberta and other Canadian and international research organizations. 

Over time, Canada Wildfire has grown, adding the BC Wildfire Service in 2019, Parks Canada and the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency in 2020, the Government of the Northwest Territories in 2021, and most recently, Thompson Rivers University in 2023. The organization is bringing together experts from various organizations and fields to advance our understanding of wildland fires and promote effective fire management strategies.

Canada Wildfire Team

Renee Beaulac  Program Coordinator

Karen Blouin Research Coordinator

Mike Flannigan Science Director

Brian Wiens Managing Director

Wankui Zhou Administrator

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