North American Reanalysis Fire Weather Data Set

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Modelling Software

Burn-P3 (probability, prediction, and planning) is a spatial fire simulation model that is used for land-management planning and wildland fire research. It uses the Prometheus fire-growth engine to simulate the ignition and spread of a very large number of fires. The inputs to Burn-P3 consist of fuels (e.g., vegetation), topography, weather, and patterns of fire ignitions. Its main output is a surface of fire probabilities, or burn probability map.  More...


Burn-P3 (probabilité, prédiction et planification) est un modèle de simulation des incendies forestiers destiné à la gestion du territoire et à la recherche. Burn-P3 utilise Prometheus, un logiciel de propagation des incendies permettant de simuler les allumages et la propagation d'un nombre important d'incendies. Les données modélisées sont les combustibles forestiers, les données météorologiques, la topographie et les patrons d'allumages. Burn-P3 produit une carte des probabilités d'incendie couvrant l'entièreté d'un vaste territoire. Plus...


Mapping Products

 A global early warning system for wildland fire. 

The fire danger indicators currently presented on the Global Fire Early Warning System (Global Fire EWS) are components of the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index (FWI) System. The Global EWS provides 1-10 day forecasted FWI System data based on the Canadian Meteorological Centre's (CMC) Global Deterministic Forecast System (GDPS)... read more


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Through the cffdrs package, the authors provide a portal for not only a collection of R functions dealing with all available components in CFFDRS but also a platform for various additional developments that are useful for the understanding of fire occurrence and behaviour... read more 

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