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Burn-P3 (probability, prediction, and planning) is a spatial fire simulation model that is used for land-management planning and wildland fire research. It uses the Prometheus fire-growth engine to simulate the ignition and spread of a very large number of fires. The inputs to Burn-P3 consist of fuels (e.g., vegetation), topography, weather, and patterns of fire ignitions. Its main output is a surface of fire probabilities, or burn probability map. 

  • Windows-based software application

  • Computes burn probabilities for large landscapes

  • Produces additional outputs, such as fire intensity maps

  • Extracts fire statistics and simulated fire perimeters


System Requirements

  • Processor 4 cores

  • 6 GB of RAM

  • 10 GB of available disk space

  • 64-bit Windows operating system, Windows 7/8/10

  • Softwares: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, 64-bit Java 8.0 for Windows, and Prometheus 6.2.4

Download Burn-P3 Documentation

Download Burn-P3 Test Files

example of Burn P-3


BurnP3+ SyncroSim Package

BurnP3+ is an open-source SyncroSim base package for running spatially-explicit fire growth models to explore fire risk and susceptibility across a landscape. BurnP3+ is funded, developed and maintained by the Canadian Forest Service.

System Requirements

The BurnP3+ SyncroSim Package requires the SyncroSim software, version 2.4.5 or higher.

If using the Cell2Fire fire growth model, you will also need to install the BurnP3+Cell2Fire add-on package.

If using the Prometheus fire growth model, you will need to install both Prometheus (version 2021.12.03) and the BurnP3+Prometheus add-on package.


For more information and instructions for installing the above requirements for BurnP3+ go to:

Technical Support:

Peter Englefield
Physical Sciences Officer
Northern Forestry Centre
Tel.: (780) 435-7254

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